Creative Writing for Me

IMAGINE: How Creativity Works from Flash Rosenberg on Vimeo.

I think we all are creative in our own way, the question is do we inhibit our own creativity?

I am fearless in exposing my creativity and I think that is the big deal as many are afraid. The fear of rejection is a fierce instinct and surely is key to remaining socially acceptable. Many creative people face the stigma of implied mental dysfunction, or in polite circles eccentricity. Of course some of us, like me, have earned the moniker of “A Nut” yet we press on.

Artistic creativity is not the only type of “Nuthood”. Plenty of inventers face this social stigma until they are considered a success and many other innovators are “Nutty” until they are proven valid. Fortunately brave folks risk swimming across the torrid river of rejection and possible ridicule in hopes of making to the other side to the land of “Na-Na, I was not nuts after all” and it’s fields of validity with corroboratively nodding heads in the balmy breeze. What a scene of reprisal for the “Nay-Nay Ninnies”. Nothing like success to quiet the “Naysayers”.

Above is a community that some of us are familiar with and it is a safe place for creative writing. Stop by and see if you would enjoy it there. They have contest with prizes, ooohhh, I know you like prizes.

This is a novel I wrote and if you enjoy a little of mystery, crime drama and romance you might wish to consider reading it.

Have a small sample

Please consider writing that story you have itching in the back of your mind or paint that painting and share it with us.


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