University artwork

Helen Ingram’s Art Work

Helen Ingram’s artwork explores the sociological in art through bold
vibrant dramatic color palettes that dismantle, and reconstructs
messages set in society. Whether this is animal cruelty; humans
relationship with animals and nature, stereotypes and categorization;
how we live are our lives through a means of labels and categories,
segmenting and fracturing culture into labels. Helen’s artwork goes to
crash, collide, and re-embrace different cultures together through
interactions, and connections that we share in society. Helen’s most
recent work explores the sociology involved with humans relationship to
color and the abstract painted image and how this is perceived by the

Helen’s artwork demonstrates bold, vibrant color through the pop art
palette, having strong outlines, and colorful block fills within the
composition. This strong use of color is evident, in such pieces like,
‘Hunting’, ‘S‘, ‘Drummer’ , ‘Culture Map’ and more recent pieces like
‘Anorexic’ and ‘Abstract series five’. Helen is most definitely a
colorist. Helen’s use of deconstructing, and reconstructing messages is
most evident in ‘Disillusion’ a piece which is fragmented, distorted and
far-fetched. A piece that uses angular panels, contrasting brightness,
tone, color and fashion figure’s characteristics, as a character. A
piece that reminds people of a renewed self, a desire to be something
new. The piece although is printed, uses the process of collage, combining
Photoshop, found materials and painted imagery, that goes to question
social identity, through fashion. In the animal cruelty work, it explores
issues of hunting, make up use on animals, habitats and fur trade
industry, in such pieces of ‘Ocelot News’ and ‘Huntress‘. The animal
cruelty project relates to sociology, as although as people we know its
wrong to hurt animals, we still allow it to happen, and as a society we
sit back.

In stereotypes work is aimed to break barriers, and the judgmental nature
that society has created through looks, who we are, and what we do,
the work demonstrates how as a society, we label, and categorize. Then in
‘Culture Map’ Helen takes these philosophies, and flips them upside down
through researching, about a cultures origin’s, and the connections they
share through other cultures. This breaking barriers of difference, and
breaking the stereotype philosophy we hold in society. Helen’s work also
demonstrates interactions through ‘Street Dance’ and ‘Rocker’ two
pieces that are meant to be viewed parallel to one another, the ‘Street
Dance’ taking the role of performer and ‘Rocker’ taking the role of
audience. The two opposing pieces go share an interesting sociological
relationship, as in society we view them as separate cultures but Helen
goes to play on this sociology of labeling, by confusing the viewer, and
making them wonder whether these two opposites can work well together, as an art

In her more recent work of exploring the sociology involved with how
humans perceive color. How the eye struggles to see certain colors
together. In these works Helen is pushing the notion of the abstract
further by fragmentation, blurriness and distortion creating imagery
that not only becomes more computer manipulated, and computer coded, and
looks less like the original. The works use the color cycle associated
with color theory in art. These ideas of how we as humans see colors
have so far only been utilized through video, and Photoshop, and the
originals in watercolor on paper.

The reasons as to why Helen’s  practice is involved around sociology, is very
much to do with my life experiences of being bullied, how she learnt to
deal with issues surrounding her everyday thoughts and life. Helen has
always been intrigued by how things work, why she thinks differently, she is
different and sees the world differently to others. Throughout her life, she
has always been surrounded by chaos, and noise her only sanctuary being
that of art, and gentle strolls along the Lea Valley. Where she can empty
her mind and relax. In a way she is expressing these
sociological themes by  letting go of an inner demon, a thought that
has troubled her and then being free. So her  art is like the
program ‘Room 101’ she wants to discard these thoughts, but first have to
establish why they are there in the first place.

Her overall vision in my practice is to let people, or the viewers know
its okay to be you, and that what makes you unique. She went though life
trying to be like everyone else, and it’s only now that the chaos, has
calmed down that her work has started to move direction, and head more
towards the sociology of color through the means of abstract.

Helen Ingram’s Art Inspiration

In relation to the arts world, Helen works fits in with social messages
artists like Cindy Sherman. Pop art is also fits in with Helen’s work
with bold and bright outlines and fills like such artists like Roy
, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. Colorist like Gerhard
and Howard Hodgkin, as all of Helen’s artwork utilizes color to
its maximum visual boundaries. Helen would fit into group exhibitions that
expresses themes of identity, fashion, self-identity, stereotype,
culture, sociology, animal cruelty, pop art, figures, modern,
contemporary, video, collage, painting, drawing and colorist. The
inspiration for the artwork comes from everyday life events, culture and
fashion. The world around us, the chaos and social messages we create
in society through social media, mass media and television.

Her philosophy of art making at first was working in sketchbooks at a
smaller scale and then working to a bigger scale. She tend to now days
work small-scale as she think she can create just as much impact by this
size but this  depends on what the image or work is.The mediums to
which she works with vary on what she is creating and what effect she is  trying
to achieve within the composition.

Helen Ingram is a mixed media artist that works on a small-scale basis
primarily occasionally venturing into big scale work.Her work is
colorful pop art that portrays sociological messages in a number of
ways. Helen’s work is primarily influenced by chaos and the world around


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