Poetry Performance Stage – Paroxysmal Indulgence

The Neighborhood

 Poetry Performance Stage

London/Sacramento/Los Angeles



recording artist… Jasmine Thompson*
visual artist… Summer Rose as Nacago

written-word artist… Kelly Lewis
written-word artist… Oscar Plascencia

Paroxysmal Indulgence
a poetry duet


A paroxysm of love
and I’m blinded by beauty.
Tell me what is this power
that you hold over me.

 Shall I submit to your whims
or steal away like a thieve.
You’re a mystery and I
sternly forbid you to leave.

 In choosing to surrender,
I’m naked at your mercy.
On display for my pleasure,
now prove that you’re worthy.

 Relinquish my virtuous heart
to your lascivious snare.
And now standing before you,
my temperature flares.

A paroxysm of lust
now I’m bound to this duty.
I’m ridding expectations
as urged by sovereignty.

I submit to your wild ways
and fall like a broken twig.
Beneath my brutal touch
you flush as my fingers dig.

So I choose…

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