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A place where poetry I like will be shown and where I will post my poetry that doesn’t fit into my other poetry stuff.

They Are Mine, By Shabeeh Haider

The words of Danny Kemp.




They are mine,

Tell me one day they are mine,

Those hair like clouds on heaven’s face,

Those eyes that in the darkness shine,

Tell me one day, they are mine,


They are mine,

Tell me that they are for me.

Those lips with nectar on their tips,

Those smiles, I always long to see,

Tell me that they are for me.


You are mine.

Tell me one day you are mine.

Your every smile, your every cry

Your every tear, your every sigh,

Tell me with my love, I’ve bought

Your every dream, your every thought.


In all my poems, you’ll live and shine.

Just tell me one day, YOU ARE MINE.

(From the book, A VAGABOND HEART by Shabeeh Haider) 

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the night our bodies scorched the earth – Poetry on Fire series

The Neighborhood

{press play}

Sex is emotion in motion. – Mae West

sexy Right Now by Merrill Robinson from The Black Art Depot

the night our bodies scorched the earth…
by Kendall F. Person 

The fire only tempted my desire
I would have you last  for myself.
If there were lovers before me
then I would put in extra work
to make you scream only my name
with the touch of my skin. 
With the moon light fade
 the sunlight we will not see
but we could not stop
the night passion would scorch the earth.

We move from room to room
shouting, moaning, groping
evading the crackling embers even as  the roof catches fire. 
Never do our bodies unbind
At all times, the tremblors never leave you
gasping in a constant state of eruption.
We make our last stand
under the cold waterfall
the last room the fire has not evaded nor conquered. 

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Love Stories!!

Somi's Intoxications!!



Some love stories to be bestowed

Some love stories to be betrayed

The one I go for

Is u in me?

 Ever n ever long

Things r manipulated

Stories r broken

I am yours’

That’s what destiny showing me the path

Created n bestowed

Manipulated then betrayed

But singing me song

I love u darling till the last breath of,

I breathe of course

Some love stories to be bestowed

Some love stories to   be betrayed

The one I go for

Is u in me?

Ever n ever long


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Be’er van us

Walkin’ around wiv yaaahr black suits an’ briefcases,
Tie up yaaahr black shoelaces,
No wonder nobody fnks yew are useless.

Thee all fnk yew are be’er van us,
Struttin’ around like yaaahr own da town,
Even thuff yew know no cockney language,
To class yew as a proper true Londoner,
You fnk yew just need a ‘igh end job,
Wif a good wage.

Thee all fnk yew are be’er van us,
Run around wiv da rich class elite,
Let i’ was workin’ class geezers,
What made London what i’ is,
It’s aaahr accen’ what people associate,
Wiv London.

Thee all fnk yew are be’er van us,
Which due ter yew people now despise,
All we are da ones ter blame,
For da Norf not bein’ able ter rise,
But yew just ‘ide.